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Patient Information
What to expect for your first visit.

Please set aside approximately one hour for Dr. Gochee to spend with you on your first visit.

Your first visit consists of a complete history, chiropractic exam, and an adjustment.

Dr. Gochee is very thorough which is why she sets aside an hour for you. She wants to spend time getting to know you and try to get to the root of your problem. She knows many people have been to chiropractors before and for those patients, she does not have to spend as much time answering questions, but there are some who have never been to a chiropractor before. Those are the ones who need the extra time. This time is for you and the doctor to ask questions.

Dr. Gochee does not adjust on the first visit. This way she has time to review your case and come up with the best treatment plan for you to fit your needs and get you back to health as quickly as possible.

Please have all of your paper work filled out before your first visit or show up early to fill out paperwork.

If you want to email us your insurance information

Please include the insurance company name, phone number, address and website or email address.

Please include the member name, date of birth, SSN or member ID and group #.

New Patient Patient Forms:

.pdf format: PatientRegistration.pdf
Word format: PatientRegistration.doc

Patient Responsibility Form
.pdf format: PatientResponsibilityForm.pdf
Word format: PatientResponsibilityForm.doc

Introduction to the Office
.pdf format: IntroToTheOffice.pdf
Word format: IntroToTheOffice.doc

Medical History
.pdf format: MedicalHistory.pdf
Word format: MedicalHistory.doc

At Time of Service
.pdf format: AtTimeOfService.pdf
Word format: AtTimeOfService.doc

ChiroHealth USA Information

.pdf format: ChiroHealthUSA.pdf
Word format: ChiroHealthUSA.doc

Other Forms

Pediatric Pre-Exam Information
.pdf format: PediatricPre-Exam.pdf
Word format: PediatricPre-Exam.doc

Metabolic Assessment
.pdf format: MetabolicAssessment.pdf
Word format: Metabolic Assessment.doc

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