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Whole Body Alignment
Dr. Carolyn Gochee
Doctor of Chiropractic

"It's More Than Just an Adjustment"

820 West Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625 (Map) / Office: 970-824-3070 (Office Hours)
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Professional Experience/Education

Dr. Gochee graduated December 2003 Logan College of Chiropractic.
She was awarded the Clinical Science Division Award for Logan Basic Technique
Trained and Certified in performing Sport Physicals (pre participating physicals)
And DOT physicals.

SOT Advanced Proficiency (AP) Certification

SOT completed 265.5 hours basic certification

Nutritional Certifications

Pre Participation/Sports Physical Certification

Trained N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Component) Practitioner

AK completed 100 hours basic proficient course

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Strong Hands, Gentle Touch

Carolyn Gochee, D.C.
Office: 970-824-3070
email: Info@DrGocheeSOT.com