Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 

Has your doctor ordered blood work on you and everything came back “normal,” but you don’t “feel” normal? Have you asked your doctor to order a certain test, but insurance won’t approve it and or you are told the cost is too high? 

Check out some of the custom panels that Dr. Gochee offers.  Each one comes with a 20-30 page functional health report and Dr. Gochee will give you nutritional recommendations custom-tailored to fit your needs.  

All of these labs are through Lab Corp and would cost THOUSANDS of DOLLARS if ordered else ware.  


Many people each year get blood drawn and random tests are done, but no one really knows what the results were. The lab or doctor just tells them that everything came back normal. What is normal? Well, according to the medical profession, normal just means no pathology. Twenty years ago a normal cholesterol reading was below 250. Today over 200 is too high.

What causes a person to have abnormal blood work? If there was a way to take your current blood test and to see if there is a way to prevent diseases, would you want to do that? That is a service that Dr. Gochee performs here at her office. We use the eWellness Systems program and come up with a specially designed nutrition protocol for our patients. This is a lifestyle change that involves supplementation and dietary changes. If you are looking for a change, Dr. Gochee and staff is here to help.

Functional Endocrinology
-Understanding the complex interactions hormone metabolism
-Correct laboratory interpretation and test selection
-Successful nutritional management of hormonal imbalances using the latest scientific research
-Effective education and support of endocrine patients essential in maximizing benefits of any therapy regimen

Functional Blood Chemistry
-Develop a reliable perspective for viewing lab reports
-Assess the immune system
-Evaluate thyroid health
-Identify and manage blood sugar imbalances
-Assess liver, G.I. tract, and biliary function
-Gain a valuable understanding of endocrine physiology and function