Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Do you ever wonder why you ache after you get upset? Or why you keep having the same recurring pains? What might be causing this? There could be a Neuro Emotional Component (N.E.C.). Dr. Gochee is trained in a Neuro Emotional Technique which is a technique especially developed to remove N.E.C.s.

Basic emotions such as fear, anger, grief, disgust, and many others can negatively influence our health when they don’t resolve normally. When body fails to “let go” of what was originally a healthy response, it can short circuit the nervous system which can affect beliefs, behaviors, and even physical health.

Where do we keep our emotions?

Scientists recognized the connections between the nervous system, emotions and health. Historically, emotions were thought to reside entirely in the brain. Now we know other parts of the body hold emotions too. If you’ve ever felt butterflies in your stomach, or referred to something as a “pain in the neck”, or encountered someone who was “heartbroken”, then you are familiar with how parts of the body can be linked to our emotions.

Finding the Emotional Short Circuit

The “emotional baggage” associated with past events in our lives can sometimes haunt us for years. Like a computer “bug”, unresolved, negative associations are stored in our bodies, often short-circuiting our true desires, even our health.

Simple Testing

Trained NET Practitioners use muscle testing to find the balance these stuck memory loops which can be a lot of fun! Researchers have proven that muscle testing can be used to determine whether or not your body is “in harmony” with a particular concept or idea. This muscle testing is not used to confirm right or wrong/true or false. It deals with your body’s own reality/harmony.

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