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Thank you...

Thank you for giving me back my life!

Beth Eschenberg

Controlling Weight

To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank Dr. Gochee for getting me started on Total Trim. I take Total Trim 30 minutes before each meal and it helps me not to over eat. I started Total Trim in November and I didn’t gain the holiday gain for the first time in my life. I have lost 14 pounds since I started Total Trim. I recommend Total Trim to anyone and everyone who needs a jump start with their cutting down on meals. Thank you Dr. Gochee.

Thank you again,

Deb Billings

Very professional and very gentle...

To whom it may concern,

I am a 64 year old female and have been a patient of chiropractic care all of my adult life. I have also been a patient of medical doctors, specialists, physical therapists, etc. I prefer chiropractic treatments when applicable and I have found that I have learned to know my body pretty well as to which adjustment I need for which problem.

I would like to state that I have seen Dr. Gochee for various problems: hip pain which I had for years was corrected, back pain was relieved, vertigo was eliminated, and other problems were attended to. Dr. Gochee is very professional and very gentle and she doesn’t hesitate to recommend another health professional if she feels a situation is beyond her expertise.

I also would like to state that my 84 year old sister is a regular patient of Dr. Gochee and has been helped greatly to overcome constipation and other problems.


Daisy Smith

I am relieved of my pain

I first came to Dr. Gochee with really bad back pain that prevented me from doing anything, even as simple as working out in my yard. After only three chiropractic treatments I am relieved of my pain.

Albert Shaffer

Sprained Ankle

To whom it may concern,

My daughter sprained her ankle in PE at 8:30ish. I called Dr. Gochee’s office to see if I could get her to be seen. Dr. Gochee said to bring her right in and she would fit her into her schedule. We went in at 10:00 on Wed. morning. We went back in for a second visit on Thursday after school. My daughter was on crutches for 4 days to let her ankle heal. She was off the crutches by the time she went back to school Monday. Thank you Dr. Gochee.

Thank you again,

Deb Billilngs

I often wondered why I waited so long to seek help

I have suffered with neck pain for years. When movement of my neck became very limited and extremely painful, I was desperate for relief. Dr. Gochee identified several “issues” as contributors to my neck problems. Her knowledge, technique and concern for me as a patient were very impressive. With only one adjustment, Dr. Gochee worked miracles! The morning after the adjustment, my neck pain was significantly reduced and movement was remarkably increased. I felt rejuvenated and energized – elimination of that tremendous pain had given me a new lease on life. I share my miraculous healing experience with great excitement. I often wondered why I waited so long to seek help. Very definitely, I was waiting for the “Strong Hands, Gentle Touch” of Dr. Carolyn Gochee!

Dixie J. Beck
Craig, Colorado

Scoliosis and Pregnancy

I have had scoliosis since I was in high school. Over the years I have seen many chiropractors and had many adjustments. I moved to Craig in July 2008 when I was 5 months pregnant. I knew that the combination of the Scoliosis and pregnancy would make it necessary to find a chiropractor I could trust. A few people mentioned Dr. Gochee. I came to see Dr. Gochee and we continued my treatment every week until my baby was born.

The adjustments allowed me to carry my baby to term and successfully deliver vaginally. I am so glad I found a reliable and trustworthy chiropractor that I can continue to see to keep my Scoliosis in check.

Thank you Dr. Gochee

Leslie Sanders

Kind, Helpful, Friendly and Understanding

Dear Dr. Gochee:

I’m writing this letter to thank you for all the help you have given me and are continuing to give me. You and your staff are very kind, helpful, friendly and understanding. You have a very caring and gentle touch when you are working on me. You are very thoughtful of my pain and teach me many ways to improve my health and my back problems. Thank you very much from your friend and patient.


Sharon Lausin

Cross-Eyed - Surgery Free Correction

Dr. Gochee,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your services. Especially the work you did for my son Garrett!

As you know, he was severely cross-eyed when I brought him to you in early 2006. After seeking medical care through eye doctors, three pairs of broken glasses, and a doctor who wanted to do laser surgery, we chose you to correct his eyes through adjustments.

After the second adjustment, I was amazed to see Garrett’s improvement. Weekly adjustments for one year was our prescription. Now, Garrett only needs to see you maybe every six months for a quick fix! No surgery or glasses are needed anymore.

Thanks for making me a believer!

You Rock!

Sabrina Bowersox

I have stopped taking the pain meds

I am a 55 yr. old woman who has had 4 back surgeries. I started going to Dr. Gochee in Sept. of 2006. I was taking a lot of over the counter meds for pain. She started helping me with my pain and had me start taking Total Inflam and Glucosamine Plus. I have stopped taking the pain meds. I am now able to do things I could not before because of the pain. I know with the help of Dr. Gochee, Total Inflam and Glucosamine Plus I do not have the pain as before.

Corky Coverston

Back and Hip Discomfort Improved Dramatically

Dear Carolyn:

You will be pleased to know that my back and hip discomfort has improved dramatically since beginning your treatments. Although I’m still planning to have hip replacement surgery in June, it is my hope that I will continue to improve enough that the surgery can be postponed indefinitely.

Your technique has certainly been effective for me, and please feel free to share this letter with anyone who may be interested in the opinion of one who has been very impressed with your skills.


Presley F. Askew

Chiropractic Care For Constipation

This testimonial is to inform Dr. Carolyn Gochee patients that her practice of chiropractic care for constipation is wonderful.

I took my 3 month old son to Dr. Gochee for constipation and she aligned him one time and he has never had a problem again. I would recommend this treatment to any patient that has a problem with constipation whether they are a child or adult.


Kayla Mead 

Not enough "Thank You's"

Dear Dr. Gochee,

There are not enough “Thank You’s” in this world for what you have done for me. I was ready to learn to live with the pain but was not ready to give up not walking. I honestly feel that was where I was heading! But with your caring skills, I have been able to continue with a life I am not ready to give up, yet. I am able to work at a job I love & do the things that I care about, but only with your help!

There is nothing in this world that I will ever be able to do to show my gratefulness to you for giving me this back. THANK YOU for being a caring, wonderful person as well as a doctor!!!!


Tami “Bo” Barnes

Recovery from accident

Until 3 months ago I had never visited a chiropractor although both my husband and my son have done so. However, after an accident which snapped therapy, I was feeling as if I would never walk normally again. My back, neck and knees were becoming painful as well.

I met Dr. Carolyn Gochee at a weekly business organizations meeting that we both attend. Aware of my injury she suggested that a series of chiropractic adjustments would help get me back to normal.

I am so thankful that I put myself into her capable hands. She gently helped my body back into alignment and I knew I was vastly improved after my first two visits.

Dr. Gochee referred me to massage therapist Doug Seward to try and resolve the continued swelling and numbness in my foot and ankle. The result of Doug’s therapy was virtually miraculous. After one acupressure session my foot swelling was totally gone. (How nice to wear my regular shoes again.)

Subsequent acutheraphy has resulted in my regaining feeling in my ankle around the incision scar.

Dr. Gochee’s intuitive assessment and expertise combined with Doug Seward’s skill have helped me immeasurably. Without their therapeutic sessions I feel certain I would not have come back so quickly and so well from a very debilitating injury.

If you are curious about whether chiropractic can help you, I urge you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Carolyn Gochee. She is a professional who has your best health interest at heart.

Carol Wilson

Dr. Carolyn Gochee helped me have a full term baby

My name is Jauneth L. Nottingham. Last November I became pregnant with my son. I became extremely worried. In December of 2003 I was told I had cervical cancer. After talking to my gynecologist we decided to try to freeze the cancer cells. After having them froze the cancer was still there. We had then decided to do a LEEP procedure. This was where they cut the cancer cells out. The first time didn’t get all of it so I had to do this twice. It was not pleasant. My last LEEP was done in May of 2004. I was told it was all gone thank god.

When I became pregnant with my son; I instant had fears. They had taken about a third of my cervix. Was I even going to carry this baby full term? Would I be able to get to the hospital in time? When my mother shared with her chiropractor a little bit of my history and some of my fears; mom’s chiropractor wanted me to come see her as soon as I could. This wonderful caring chiropractor is Dr. Carolyn Gochee. Once I started treatments, she had me come in at least once a week for adjustment. I was about three months pregnant.

When I first started seeing Dr. Gochee, I was having Braxton Hicks contractions and I was carrying the baby very low. My obstetrician told me that I would be bed ridden my last trimester. Dr. Gochee performed some adjustments to allow the baby to move up in the uterus so he wouldn’t push on my cervix and decreased the BH contraction. I am not a doctor and I don’t know a lot about chiropractic, but what I do know is that my doctor and I had no clue how long I was going to carry this baby. With the help of Dr. Gochee my son was born at 38 weeks 4 days; a full term baby. My son was 8 pounds, 1 ounce. I don’t think he would have been a full term baby if Dr. Gochee had not been there to help us.

She not only helped with the pregnancy, but she was there for me when I went into labor. I had my mom call her and ask if she would come to the hospital and adjusted me while I was labor to decrease my back pain. When my son was born she adjusted him as well. She is still treating my entire family. It was just so amazing that I figured I would have a premature baby and she changed that fact.

Thank You Dr. Gochee,

Jauneth L. Nottingham
And Family

Great Results While An Intern

September 3, 2003

Well, I’m still not doing cartwheels, but………

Almost 20 years ago I was in a car accident that caused soft tissue damage all along my spine. I went to a Chiropractor where I had a less than satisfactory and far less than pleasant experience. He hurt me! After a few months I tightened up when he even walked into the room. I was unable to relax enough for the treatment to be effective so I gave up and stopped going altogether.

When I started seeing Logan intern Carolyn Craven in January of 2003 I had reservations: would she hurt me as the other Chiropractor had, was I wasting time and money, would the 24×7 pain with which I was living ever abate, could this possibly correct problems of almost 20 years standing?

The answers are quite refreshing. I told Carolyn about the bad experience I had had with the other Chiropractor and waned her that, “The first time your hurt me will be the last time you see me!” Carolyn has taken a gentler approach with me by using Basic manipulation. My money and my time have not been wasted because my range of motion and my stamina have increased significantly. My pain has decreased substantially. I will not say I’m completely pain-free at this time, because I’m not. I don’t expect miracles. But there are time now when I realize, “Wow, I would have been in pain by now” or “I would have been laid up for a week” after completing certain tasks.

Carolyn has also helped guide me toward overall good health by going beyond the call of duty. She researched and recommended Black Cohosh for menopausal hot flashes. (Not a 100% total success, but enough to help me through a rough time.) We discussed Glucosamine Condroitan for arthritis pain. Looking forward to her pending graduation, she made a concerted effort to find another Chiropractor who doesn’t do the “back-cracking” I dread.

Carolyn is not only a skilled technician in her chosen field, but has become a friend and mentor to me.

I owe many thanks to Logan and especially Carolyn Craven for the gifts of increased mobility and stamina, and decreased pain.


Karen E. Lund
Florissant, MO