Unknown Facts About Chiropractic

December 31, 2019

Chiropractic is the largest natural health care profession in the world. There are over 60,000 chiropractors in the US alone, and many thousands more in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Dozens of schools worldwide graduate thousands of new doctors each year, and chiropractic is one of the fastest growing of all the health professions.

Chiropractors complete a full doctoral program after college, studying anatomy, physiology, neurology, diagnosis, and most of what any other doctor would study, except that rather than learning about pharmacology and drug therapies, they study spinal adjustment technique and natural healing approaches most medical doctors are unaware of. In this way, chiropractors are primary health care providers who use natural techniques instead of drugs and surgery to help people get well and stay well.

Many sports teams, theater companies, corporations and schools have chiropractors on site to address their natural health and wellness needs. Chiropractic care is the only way to correct spinal nerve interference, which often goes undetected unless specifically evaluated by doctors of chiropractic, trained in the location and correction of such spinal problems.

Chiropractors are the doctors of the future, who use safe and natural techniques to help people get well and stay well without the use of drugs and surgery. Turn on the innate healing potential of your body with chiropractic!

By Carolyn Gochee

Dr. Carolyn Gochee, a holistic chiropractor, chose to specialize in wellness. Specific aspects of her practice include: Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)- Dr. Gochee is Advanced Certified and has over 500 hours of post-doctoral training. SOT(R) Methods practitioners recognize the important role of normal cranial function in health and disease. The cranial bones can cause problems in central nervous system that are often overlooked or ignored by most other chiropractors. Cranial adjustments help with ADD/ADHD, sinusitis, dyslexia, headaches, and many more. Dr. Gochee has taken hundreds of hours in Functional Medicine. This forward thinking of looking at a person’s labs or blood test. Dr. Gochee has spent many hours studying Functional Medicine and has developed a way to custom tailor your treatment. Many times, a patient will get labs results that are “normal,” which means there is no pathology or disease, but the patient still feels “off” or “not themselves.” Dr. Gochee can take a patient’s lab results, as incomplete as it might be, and find some serious, underlying problems that are being missed by many healthcare professionals.

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