Why I became a Chiropractic Physician?

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There were many options out there for me when I was younger.  I thought about being a biological engineer, a farmer, agricultural marketing director, public relations, and I am sure there were others.  I always bounced back and forth between something and chiropractic.  I was told by my college academic adviser that I was not smart enough to become a chiropractor. In my freshman year of undergrad, I decided to take a biology course from the toughest professor on campus and see if I could get a good grade.  The deal I made with myself is if I got a B or higher, I would switch majors again and become a chiropractor.  Well, as you can probably figure out, I did very well in that class.  I then took all the extra science courses that are required to get in Chiropractic College.  I studied very hard and graduated with a 3.2 GPA and then I entered the most challenging 3 ½ years of my life. 

Chiropractic College was not easy by any means.  We went all year round, averaged 28 credits a trimester, three trimesters a year. 

Did you know that a regular college semester is 16 weeks, Chiropractic College trimesters are 15 weeks.  In undergrad, a full load was 12-15 credit hours and you needed permission to take 17 or more.  Chiropractic College was double a normal class load in the same amount of time.  To say it was challenging is an understatement.  There is really not a lot of time for a part-time job or a life outside of studying, but the reward is huge. 

I love what I do for a living.  I get to help people every day.  People thank me every day for “healing” them.  I get a lot of challenging cases that walk through my office each day.

By Carolyn Gochee

Dr. Carolyn Gochee, a holistic chiropractor, chose to specialize in wellness. Specific aspects of her practice include: Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)- Dr. Gochee is Advanced Certified and has over 500 hours of post-doctoral training. SOT(R) Methods practitioners recognize the important role of normal cranial function in health and disease. The cranial bones can cause problems in central nervous system that are often overlooked or ignored by most other chiropractors. Cranial adjustments help with ADD/ADHD, sinusitis, dyslexia, headaches, and many more. Dr. Gochee has taken hundreds of hours in Functional Medicine. This forward thinking of looking at a person’s labs or blood test. Dr. Gochee has spent many hours studying Functional Medicine and has developed a way to custom tailor your treatment. Many times, a patient will get labs results that are “normal,” which means there is no pathology or disease, but the patient still feels “off” or “not themselves.” Dr. Gochee can take a patient’s lab results, as incomplete as it might be, and find some serious, underlying problems that are being missed by many healthcare professionals.

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